5 best Free Fire MAX pets to use for rank push in June 2022

Free Fire MAX is among the most popular names in the battle Royale genre. It has gained immense popularity among mobile gamers for its premium quality graphics and Compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Players can experience a Survival experience mixed with Astonishing in-game elements. Pets are one of the most beloved features of the title and offer unique skills. Users can take advantage of these abilities and use pets for rank pushing to higher Leagues.

Most useful Free Fire MAX pets for rank push

5) Flash

Flash is one of the latest additions to the pet section of Free Fire MAX. It carries the Steel Shell skill, useful in reducing the damage taken from behind by knives and bullets by 10%.

This ability also offers 100 durability points and comes with a cooldown period of 150 seconds. For rank pushers, the chances of getting backstabbed by opponents will be reduced.

Flash will help players counter surprise attacks from behind and defend themselves. Fans can head to the Pet section to purchase it pet for 699 Diamonds.

4) Poring

Gamers looking to purchase a pet for rank pushing can go for Poring. It has an impressive skill called Stich and Patch, where users can improve one helmet and armor durability every three seconds.

The extra armor durability plays a crucial role in the last zone Battles in the game.

Upon upgrading the pet to its maximum level, gamers can improve one helmet and armor durability every second. It also helps prevent up to level 3 helmets and armor from getting destroyed.

3) Rockie

Rockie is an effective pet for players with an aggressive game style while rank pushing. The pet’s skill is called Stay Chill, which offers great versatility as users can reduce the cooldown time of an active skill by 6% on its level one upgrade.

By upgrading the pet to the maximum level, they can reduce the ability’s cooldown by up to 15%. Gamers can purchase Rockie for 699 Diamonds from the store.

2) Robo

Robo is another significant pet with eye-catching skills. Players can use its Wall Enforcement skill in various situations while rank pushing to higher tiers. With this ability, they can add an extra shield to their gloo walls.

It improves the overall HP of gloo walls by up to 100. The extra HP improves the durability of these items and can help them withstand more damage from Enemy attacks.

Robo is available for 699 Diamonds in the pet store.

1) Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor is one of the most suitable Free Fire MAX pets for rank pushing. It has an amazing skill set that comes in very handy in ranked fashion.

His Smooth Gloo ability allows users to produce a gloo wall Grenade. They can use it to create an instant cover and save themselves from opponents’ attacks.

At its initial upgrade level, the pet can produce one gloo wall Grenade every 120 seconds. Upon upgrading the pet to the maximum level, users can get two gloo wall grenades in the backpack.

The pet is priced at 699 Diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

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